5 DIY Birdhouse Designs

by | Mar 14, 2022 | Hobbies | 0 comments

The design of a birdhouse is important for many reasons. First, the shape of the house has to be appropriate for the type of birds that live in the area. Second, it needs to have enough space for nesting and perching. Third, it should also provide ample room for food storage and easy access to water.

As you can see, many things must be taken into account when designing a birdhouse. So, if you’re looking for advice on how to build one or want an idea about what type would work best in your backyard habitat then this post will help.

Here are 5 birdhouse designs that you can implement today.

1. Beginner Birdhouse Plan

If you’re a beginner when it comes to building birdhouses, then this is the first option you should consider.


1 rear wall 38 cm long
2 sidewalls of 22×26 cm long
1 roof of 18 cm long, or slightly longer to allow water to run off
1 front of 23 cm long with an entry hole of ø32 mm
1 base of 12 cm long
1 mounting post
wood glue


Determine the right opening size
Saw the wood to size
Complete the pieces of plank
Drill the entry opening
Mount the side panels of the birdhouse
Assemble the front panel
Fit the roof
Finish the roof of the nesting box
Finish the base

2. License Plate Birdhouse

Here is another great idea you can implement around your home.


1” x 8” x 4” cedar
License plate
Deck screws
1 1/8” Drill bit
1/4” drill bit


Cut the sides 4” x 6 ¼” with a 45-degree level along the top.
Cut the front 7” x 9” with a 45-degree peek. Measure 3 ½” down from the top and draw a line from the sides to the peek for your 45.
Drill a 1 1/8” hole centered about 4 inches up from the bottom.
Drill a ¼-inch hole for the perch centered about 1” below the big hole.
Cut the back 7” x 9 ¾” with a 45-degree peek, similar to the front
Cut the bottom 6 ¼” x 7”
Nail or screw all the pieces together.

3. The Cute DIY Birdhouse

As the name suggests, this birdhouse is quite cute.


2 pieces of ¾’’ wood board scraps (square in shape and measuring at least 4 ½’’)
2 ½’’ thick plywood pieces (at least 6’’ x 9’’ each)
¼’’ dowel (8 ½’’ long)
finishing nails
11 oz coffee can
wire or chain


Cut the square ends
Locate the entrance hole
Drill the hole
Drill holes for the perch
Measure and cut the roof panels
Connect the roof to the square boards
Prepare the coffee can
Insert the can
Finally, add the chain

4. Log Cabin Birdhouse

If you love rustic décor, then this log cabin birdhouse can be a great idea to implement.


Cut out patterns onto wood and cut the shapes out
Glue the gables together to the walls
Gather logs. Find branches that are 1 to 2 inches wide in diameter
Prepare the logs
Split the logs
Glue on logs
Detail the front
Make the porch
Create the front roof
Paint and finish

5. The Modern Birdhouse

If you’re thinking of making a cool birdhouse, then think of the modern birdhouse.


1 small hinge
8 pieces of 10 ½” cut 2 x 4’s
30 deck screws
118 x 20” piece of MDF
112 x 2” piece of plywood for the base
Wood glue
Measuring tape


Cut the wood
Sand the edges
Layout the design
Add the roof
Assemble the sides
Attach the door
Paint or seal
Finish the door


There are plenty of other ideal birdhouse designs that you can implement. You can find more about these designs by conducting more research. However, the ones we’ve provided in this post are some of the simplest you can consider making in your backyard. Go ahead and try any of them today and see the results.