5 Fun Indoor Activities for Kids

by | Dec 4, 2022 | Parenting | 0 comments

Regardless of your intentions and best efforts, there will be days when you’ll be stuck indoors with your kids. There are many reasons this might be the case, from bad weather and an unexpected school closure to public holidays and natural disasters. In such situations, you’ll need activities to keep your children engaged and ensure they have fun. In this article, we will provide you with five (5) indoor activities that’ll help you achieve these goals.
Let’s start!


Reading is an activity that people of all ages and sizes enjoy, especially when they’re indoors. So, endeavor to have books in your house in preparation for such scenarios. However, different people appreciate different types of books. For example, where your toddler will appreciate a picture book, your adolescent kid probably won’t. Also, where some kids will like books on science, others will prefer adventure books.
Bear this in mind when you do your book shopping.

Watch Movies

Another indoor activity your kids will enjoy is watching movies. Yes, this takes little to no effort given the abundance of streaming sites we have today; however, there’s a way to spice things up. And that is to dedicate your indoor time to watching classics. Introduce them to the movies you watched and enjoyed when you were their age. Give them an insight into what your childhood was like. Apart from being a fun activity, it’ll probably help them understand you better and improve your bonding.

Fit a Jigsaw Puzzle

You probably know that jigsaw puzzles are a lot of fun. But do you know what’s more fun? Fitting jigsaw puzzles as a group.
If your kids are indoors for some reason or the other, leave out a jigsaw puzzle for them. Asides from having fun with it, they’ll also develop better collaboration, cognitive, and cooperation skills.

Build with Legos

If you have young kids, consider getting them a Lego set to play with. Apart from keeping them engaged, this game will also help them improve some of their skills, like creativity, problem-solving, spatial awareness, and language skills, among other things.

DIY Art Projects

DIY art projects are a lot of fun. There are different art projects you can engage in, although the easiest, and cheapest, is drawing. If you want to embark on this, you’ll need lots of markers, glue, paper, and paint. Assign places to the kids, provide them with supplies, and let their imagination run wild.

Other art projects they can do include homemade stamps, leaf painting, and a painted pasta necklace, among others.

When they’ve expressed themselves with their art, display them around the house. Apart from beautifying your home, it’ll also boost your kids’ confidence to know you admire their work.

With the activities we outlined above, you can turn what would be ordinary, boring days indoors into fun and entertaining days. So, buy the items you need and guarantee an amazing time for your children.