Shopping Guide: Bike Riding Gear

by | Mar 14, 2022 | Sports | 0 comments

The life of a motorcyclist is challenging, especially for someone who is just starting. Even if you’re not a new rider, you may have had an offroad experience recently and feel some better gear might have made the difference. This guide will help you make informed decisions about your riding gear by breaking it down for you and giving you some general information.


Among all the safety riding gear, helmets are the most important. Dietmar Otte published a study showing that 45 percent of all helmet impacts occur around the face and chin, which are not protected by open-face or three-quarter helmets. In recent years, modular helmets have become more popular because they offer the convenience of a three-quarter helmet while still providing full-face protection. Make sure you choose the right helmet for your riding style. A street helmet and dirt helmet are purpose-built, so they will protect you better and keep you comfortable in their environment.


The riding jacket protects the rider’s upper body. Depending on the type of jacket, riding jackets provide protection for the shoulders, elbows, back, and chest. Motorcycle jackets feature unique features: seams are doubled up to increase strength and protect the stitching from abrasion. As a result, they don’t flap around in a high-speed wind blast, and they have adjustable air vents. Furthermore, they should have CE-certified body armor, which cushions your most vulnerable parts during a crash.

Riding Pants

One of the most overlooked riding gear is pants. It is assumed that wearing jeans while riding is sufficient. Denim jeans won’t protect you from a motorcycle accident. Cotton pants are only about a quarter as abrasion-resistant as leather or good textile riding pants. Riding pants are designed to be worn as a second layer over shorts or regular pants. To find the perfect pair of riding pants, one should try them on and buy a size bigger than usual. In this way, the pants will be comfortable for long rides.

Racing Suits

One of the most advanced forms of riding gear is the racing suit. These suits are designed with speed and safety in mind. In high-tech racing suits, some devices and circuits measure all physical conditions that the driver experiences. As the name implies, the racing suit is a jumpsuit with integrated bodyguards for the shoulders, back, elbows, knees, and shins.


Many times, riding boots are misunderstood by trekking boots. They are different and serve different purposes. Motorcycle boots are engineered to serve one purpose. The boots have a metal boot tip to protect the rider’s toe. Additionally, they have dedicated gear changes on the left boot. When an accident occurs, the boots have a high top that supports the rider’s heel. In addition, these are made of different materials. Leather is one of the most prominent.