Smart Running Gadgets and Apps

by | Dec 31, 2021 | Sports | 0 comments

Running is the best and most efficient form of cardio exercise recommended by trainers and health experts worldwide. The best part about this activity is that it can be done under any circumstances and doesn’t require a particular place for practice. With advancing times and technology, it has become imperative for runners and joggers to study, analyze their running routine, and track progress. For this very purpose, some various apps and gadgets allow you to record the heart rate, calories burnt as well as distance covered during the run.

These are a must-have for those who perform this activity for a timed period. 

Some of these apps and gadgets have been trending globally:

Sweatproof Bluetooth earbuds

Running around the block can never be more upsetting if all you hear is your breathless panting or the honking of cars on the street. Bluetooth earphones took over the market with a bang and the big brands selling them have noise-canceling features so you can work out on the streets without distractions. 

Fitness Tracker 

Call them Apple watches or Fitbits, fitness trackers are convenient wristbands that monitor your running for various aspects – calories burnt, blood pressure, heart rate, and distance covered. It works on the touch of your skin while recording the stats. Trackers today are equipped with timers and stopwatches, climate settings, call notifications for you to stay updated as well as different exercise settings. 

Flip Belts 

For those who take their running very seriously, the flip belt is a must-have. It allows you to stay hands-free while you attach your phones, cards, and even car keys to it. It is a simple tube that you wear around the waist. You can run to your heart’s desire and nothing will fall off. The belt doesn’t make running uncomfortable. 

Adidas Running App 

The app by Runtastic intends to ease mapping your way while running. It is a basic use app that has charts depicting the progress you make and allows sharing it on social platforms. The app is compatible to sync with Spotify to give access to easy music streaming while checking routes through GPS. 


Effective running requires a hands-free approach and armbands help you to get just that. A grip that sticks right to your skin and magnetic strips that fixate the phone for a better experience makes it worth the buy. Along with convenience in wearing, carrying, and handling, the newly launched armbands come with heart rate trackers to monitor your stats.

Nike Run Club 

A great app that helps you boost your running, Nike Run Club is an easy-to-use app with multiple features. You can select the terrain for the run and it will manage the stats accordingly. The app displays calories burnt, distance as well as heart rate during the run. The most distinct feature of the app is that it provides gamified options. You can now challenge your friends for a run and even beat your previous track records and post results over social media.